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PostPosted: Mon Mar 07, 2016 9:37 am 
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Salute Fellow WarBirders!

Today we move back to one set of Flight Models for all of WarBirds.

We decided that having multiple FMs does not work for WarBirds.

We have taken the newest and most closely matched FMs to actual data we have collected is the right approach.

We will, however, remove any anomalies we see such as wings that fall off to easy, too much torque, etc.

I have asked the CM team to be the QA branch of WarBirds. They will identify five issues/airplanes that we have concerns about. We will then put the aircraft in a beta for all to test and comment.

After their comments, concerns, and recommendations, I will fly with the CMs, the FM team, and a member of any squad who wants to have a QA volunteer to assist, to review the aircraft and its performance.

We will take the data for that aircraft and post what we have so all can comment if they want.

If we see a need for improvement, we will make changes. We will then put an improved FM in the beta, for all to comment.

We will make no more mass changes to any FMs. We will check them out in an organized process.

The problem we have is that we get two comments on most Beta applications. If you have real concerns about any FM in the Beta, get your Squad to come into the beta and comment, in a professional and informative way, about what you see that you are concerned with specifically.

“This is broken!” or other colorful or not informative comments are not helpful.


On another subject, we need more help with the Cadets. We are getting over 300 Cadets each month. Please say hello, offer to help, and encourage these Cadets to come on TS and participate with the community.

We thank you in advance for your help on this.


We continue to make small upgrades to WarBirds and the Main arena. It appears that our side balancing script is helping to encourage players to play on both sides to even the fight.

We are also considering other issues to provide more concentrated fights. All suggestions welcome. We will evaluate and make small changes as we test.


We are also launching a Community Funding effort for WarBirds Mobile. We have a developer who can put that game together by September. We believe that product can be bigger than our current WarBirds in terms of near term revenues. We are offering a 50% return for anyone who can help us fund.

The WarBirds mobile game will start out as a landing game with missions and grow into a game that can allow mobile users to participate with Online WarBirds.

If you want to participate send me an email at jwstealey@ient.com.


We have also completed Phase 1 of the WarBirds graphics update. SPINDZ is testing now. It has enabled many of the features in DX 11/GL 4, that should allow all graphics cards to display faster framerates.

We are excited about these coming graphic updates.

We have four more updates coming over the next few months.


Thanks to all flying the S3s! We had a great time last night and I survived two S3s in a row! Unusual for me! I hope more of you will join us next week.


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WildBill Stealey
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PostPosted: Mon May 16, 2016 7:59 pm 

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Hello, I've noticed with the latest update that the P51D modelling seems really off. As you no doubt know, the actual airplane is a delight to fly, is extremely fast and manoeuvrable, however the model on WB is very slow to accelerate, snaps out of turns too easily, the ROC is terrible and overall is a dog to fly. I think if you have a look at the number of members who no DO NOT fly it, that is very indicative. I know I am a new member but in the year or so I have been playing I've noticed a dramatic difference in the P51D and not for the better sadly as it is a genuinely incredible airplane to fly when its "right".



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PostPosted: Mon May 16, 2016 9:40 pm 
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Thank you for flying! To get a more direct answer on FMs please post your concerns and findings here:

When I first started 8 years ago the 51 was on the ridiculous side, never stalling out, retaining its E state no matter what crazy acrobatics one did in them, even heavily loaded. People got used to it and when a serious FM team formed a couple years ago and found some mistakes to fix right away, that "ueberness" went away. At the same time FMs considered dogs for years were brought up to factual performance so on the whole it would appear the 51 was "porked" when in reality investigation into numbers say otherwise. I happen to kick a lot of ass in the current P-51D when I get a chance to fly it. Historically, the P-51 was not a great slow speed turner. The kind of fight WarBirds always denigrates into and the lighter airplane wins. Try flying it faster with less Gs and a notch of flaps in a turn then note the turn performance. So take what long timers say with a grain of salt. Many are used to inaccurate FMs and bad habits built on them.

A couple of notes: universally the FMs have a poor acceleration profile, it's not just one FM over others. I don't know the cause, just that it is a known problem. To my understanding it's one of those situations where the number is close but to get it perfect would throw many other parameters that are correct out of line.

The team asks everyone to please be detailed in your findings about why a certain FM is underperforming, such as speeds, time to climb, etc., and the technical document that says the WarBirds number you found to be underperforming. Saying something sucks because you think it sucks without backing it up is not going to get changes you desire.

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PostPosted: Wed May 18, 2016 1:15 am 

Joined: Mon May 16, 2016 7:40 pm
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Hi Zinhwk, thank you very much for replying. I don't mean to imply, or say, that it "sucks", it just seems very different to what it was only an update or so ago. This isn't from what others say, it is only my experience and I've flown the real thing a few times so I am a bit familiar with its performance. I am not about to try and claim I understand the coding for the FM, because I don't, but I do understand the limitations that you mention regarding performance parameters when modelling the flight characteristics. The laminar flow wing, which gives the P51 the speed it has isn't the best in a turning fight, but it shouldn't be quite as susceptible to snapping out of the turn at slower speed. At any rate, I'll keep flying it and see how I go but once again, I very much appreciate the response, thank you.


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PostPosted: Mon Aug 01, 2016 3:02 pm 
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Video Recording?

How has your flying of the P51 been lately? I just wanted to make a note that this is probably not the best thread to put your questions and comments about Flight Models and etc. that you posted. Why not copy and paste your questions into the Warbirds General section?

<S> Art

PS: make sure you fly a cool looking skin like "Big Beautiful Doll" or "Double Trouble Two" 8)



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